Dinner with Anthony Sedlak

Posted on 09 July 2012 by Mădălina

Tuesday, May 1st was spent with Buick and Anthony Sedlak– Truly a magical and memorable evening and  we  feel blessed to have met such an amazing and passionate individual.

Editor’s Note:  Our post below about our wonderful evening is currently overshadowed by our immense sorrow at the passing of Chef Anthony Sedlak.  We are extremely saddened by the loss of someone who was so talented and compassionate.  We hope that in reading this, you will also understand that the evening we enjoyed on Tuesday, May 1st with both Buick and Anthony Sedlak was a magical and memorable evening and that we truly feel blessed to have met such an amazing and passionate individual. 


Dinner with Anthony Sedlak

May 1st, 2012 marked the launch party of the new Buick Verano.  Preceded by a week of actually test driving the car, this sleek and stylish vehicle succeeded in giving Buick a younger, hipper vibe.

Buick’s intent was to market their product in such a way that caused you to actually relate to it; to do this, duhlicious celebrity food crush Anthony Sedlak was partnered with GM to provide us with food that would have the same feeling that driving the car would evoke.  When people think of the name Buick, they think of an older car that perhaps their father or grandfather would have driven.  The new Veranos provided the familiarity, but took the comfort and style to the next limit.  This is exactly what Sedlak did with his menu for the evening.  By taking old favourites and adding new twists to them he completely excelled in preparing a delicious meal that was both familiar and new to the pallet.

Chef Sedlak next delighted us with three separate courses, broken down by The Starter, The Main and The Sweet.  The Starter was a succulent pan-roasted Digby Bay scallop, served with butternut squash and brown butter puree, topped with maple-bacon crisp with sweet English shelling pea froth on the side.  The wine pairing was a delightful 2011 Crios Torrontes and perfectly meshed all the flavours.

The next course was The Main.  Consisting of a braised sweet and sour short rib, parsnip and truffle puree and accompanied with rapine and toasted garlic and natural jus, the only thing that made this meal better was the 2012 Shiraz that was paired with it, The Lucky Country.

Last, but by no means least, we were treated to The Sweet – a vanilla bean and mountain honey panna cotta with warm spiced peach compote and lace cookie crisp.  This was absolutely the best part of the meal, leaving us wanting more.  The Sweet was paired with a  2011 Moscato d’Asti Strev, a dessert wine that was equally sweet and carbonated.

The evening overall was a huge success, leaving us with the feeling that Buick had outdone themselves with both their partnership with Anthony Sedlak and their genius marketing strategy.  They absolutely accomplished and exceeded what they had set out to do.

Thanks Anthony!



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