Verano Macaron Crawl – Toronto 2012

Posted on 11 June 2012 by Mădălina

The generous folks at Buick invited Duhlicious to experience the 2012 Buick Verano. I got to drive the car for a week around Toronto and really put it to the test.

I must say, that when I first got the call from Buick, I was skeptical. To put some context into that skepticism, I have to make you aware that my father drives a Buick. Really, Buick? You want to put a girl in her 20’s in a Buick? Not a chance. I thought long and hard before accepting their offer, and I really have to say that I was jaw-dropping shocked when I got my Verano.

This is not the vehicle my father would drive—it is sleek, sexy, and luxurious. For a car that is quiet, it sure gets noticed on the road—I know this because I’m not much of a looker, and I still got head turns.

Buick certainly found a fix for the gap in their assortment and nailed every goal on its hit list. At an above average height of 5’9, I fit comfortably in the vehicle. The interior was is ultra-sleek—the seats are enrobed in leather, and center console has just about every feature you would want. Technologies aside, this car made me feel cool.

So what does a pastry chef do with a Verano? I took it on a Macaron-crawl around Toronto to satisfy my sweet tooth.  So who has the best Macaron in Toronto?  This is of course personal, but read on to find out my preference.

My judgment was based on four criteria: taste, creativity, cost and aesthetics (they have to have feet!)

First stop: Nadège Patisserie [780 Queen St W. Toronto, ON M6J 1G2 Canada - 416.368.2009]

Nadège (currently) is home to the MY favorite macarons in Toronto. I think they have the texture, shape and flavor spot on. From time to time, they change the flavor assortment, but always maintain skill, style and creativity.

[c/o: Nadège Patisserie]

Second stop: Bobbette and Belle [1121 Queen Street East  Toronto, ON M4M 1K9, Canada - 416.466.8800]

If I were to own a bakery, it would look and feel like Bobbette and Belle.  The interior is ultra-chic, with a splash of whimsy. Don’t let the cutesy façade fool you—they make some pretty bad ass desserts. Aesthetically, their macarons look absolutely perfect; this is not easily accomplished. The flavors are safe, and overall they make an above average macaron.

[c/o: Bobbette & Belle (above & below)] 

Third stop: Whole Foods Yorkville (Sweet Definition) [WF: 87 Avenue Road  Toronto, ON M5R 3R9, Canada 416.944.0500]

I can’t say this was my favorite; a hit and miss between flavors. I found a number of flaws with the assortment on this day: the shells were hallow, tasted a touch burnt and dry. A real shame, because I’ve had the miniature variation of these macarons at the Mississauga location, and they were divine. One plus is that the filling was delicious; the pistachio cream and Gianduja filling  (as pictured below) was one of the best I’ve ever tasted.

[c/o: Whole Foods]

Fourth stop: Moroco Chocolat [99 Yorkville Avenue Toronto, ON M5R 3K3, Canada 416.961.2202]

Moroco ranks middle of the pack—too expensive to win, but too creative to quit. My pockets are not deep enough to enjoy the myriad of flavors Moroco serves, but the ones I did try were satisfactory. Truth be told, I can’t afford much in Yorkville, but I will be saving my money next time I’m in the area. The value for dollar is just not there and these macarons fall short of expectations.

[c/o: Moroco Chocolat (above and below)]

Fifth stop:  Patisserie La Cigogne [1419 Danforth Avenue Toronto, ON  M4J 1N3, Canada 416.466.2345]

Embarassing to say, but by the time I got to Patisserie La Cigogne, I was plummeting from my sugar high. After 15+ macarons, I was all tuckered out. For variety, I ordered their ‘Dream of China’ entrement. I figured this was safe because on top of the strawberry mousse and passion fruit coulis, it was encased with fancy pink macarons.

Close enough, right? These macarons are exactly what you expect from a highly-specialized French patisserie. While not my favorite, these definitely rank high.

[c/o: Patisserie La Cigogne]

… this macaron crawl is not encompassing of all the bakeries in Toronto that serve macaron’s—it’s just about as much as I can handle in one day :)

Verano c/o: Buick Canada; Macaron opinions are that of Duh-licious, not Buick!


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  1. Stephanie Fusco Says:

    LOVE this idea. Next time you go on a macaron crawl, I want an invite..k? :)

    I’m pretty obsessed with the macarons from Nadege. Let’s just say I wolfed down the majority of my dozen before they made it home to my family.

  2. REnata Says:

    cool. I love Toronto

  3. macaron lover Says:

    YUMMMM!!! those colors look delicious – I love macarons! I recommend investing in the macaron master to those wanting to be able to make these sweet jewels at home :)

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