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Get Off of the Screen and into My Belly

Posted on 12 June 2011 by Mădălina

Julia Harpin from stopped by Duh-Licious to share 10 mouth-watering meals from on-screen classics.

Get Off of the Screen and into My Belly
By Julia Harpin for

It’s really not fair when a movie shows decadent scenes of mouth-watering meals, or has characters describe how good their food is in excruciating detail. There am I, sitting on my couch, wishing I could pop through the screen and join them in their culinary delights. If I could have my way, these are the dishes I would steal from films to create my perfect ten-course, based-off-the-film meal.

Hors D’Oeuvres: Bruschetta from Julie & Julia (Watch Here)

There’s so much great food in this film, but the dish that makes me drool is the bruschetta that first convinces Julie she should devote her next year to food. Those must be quite the inspirational flavors.

Fish: Sushi from The Breakfast Club (Watch Here)

At lunchtime Claire pulls out a delicate bento box of sushi, and explains to her awe-struck classmates what it is. Who cares if it’s been sitting in her backpack all morning, it still looks delicious.

Poultry: Turkey from A Christmas Story (Watch Here)

This would be before the neighbor’s dogs get to it, of course. The narrator assures us Ralphie’s mother’s turkeys are always moist and tender, and the look on his father’s face as he steals a piece is of pure delight.

With a Side of: Cheese Soufflé from Beauty and the Beast (Watch Here)

As a child I always felt bad for Belle that she only got a few bites of the amazing meal served during the “Be Our Guest” musical number. The food was too busy singing and dancing for her to eat all of it. In this meal, I would do what she never could and finish one of those dishes, no matter how much it tried to entertain me.

Meat: Roast Lamb from My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Watch Here)

Maybe I was supposed to feel horrified when Toula’s shows up at her parents house and to find a lamb cooking on a spit in the front yard, but I just feel hungry. A few pieces from that succulent beast would make a great addition to this meal.

With a Side of: Spaghetti, from Eat, Pray, Love (Watch Here)

Why did this movie not win an Oscar for cinematography? I don’t think I will ever eat pasta that tastes as good as that spaghetti looks.

Vegetable: Ratatouille, from Ratatouille (Watch Here)

When the food critic takes a bite he looks like he’s having a religious experience. I don’t care if it’s made by a rat, I want that.

Cheese: String cheese, from Mouse Hunt (Watch Here)

There are apparently a lot of movies about rodents and food. After fighting with a mouse throughout the whole film, Chef Ernie Smuntz decides to work with the mouse to turn his family’s string factory into a string cheese factory. String cheese may not sound like the height of decadence, but the string cheese they make looks absolutely amazing.

Fruit: Grapes from Pan’s Labyrinth (Watch Here)

These grapes are apparently worth getting chased by the terrifying Pale Man. They must taste incredible, but I would prefer to try them sans child-eating monster.

Dessert: Chocolate river from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Watch Here)

It may be a metaphor for gluttony, but it would still make a perfect sweet ending to this meal. I’ll just ignore the literary devices, thank you very much.

What would you put in your perfect movie meal?


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