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Apr.01.11 [Would You Eat It? Edition]

Posted on 01 April 2011 by Mădălina

10 unusual foods. Some will make you cringe, while others might make your mouth water– the question is, would you eat it?

1// Giant Toasted Ants – A delicacy from Colombia. The biggest ants in the world (measuring at ~ 2″). Yum

2// Le Naked Lunch Gourmet Canned Food – Where were these when I was in university? The can to the right is authentic pâté chinois Québecois, prepared in the traditional style, offering three layers of no-nonsense comfort food. Damn.

3// Indian Curry & Pistachio Brittle — Exotic flavors of coriander, turmeric, fenugreek and other traditional Indian spices together with the complex taste of fresh pistachios for a brittle that is both spicy and subtle.

4// Thanksgiving Dinner Gumballs – Hey, at least they’re less calories than the real deal. But seriously, who overlooked the wine?

5// Edible Pens — Okay, this one is effing genius… thanks for feeding my pen chewing habit (hah, i made a punny!).

6// Angry Birds Pork Rinds — Taste the ultimate revenge. Can’t wait until they bring out the angry bird chicken nuggets… APRIL FOOLS! Okay, so this one’s not real; but it had you wondering didn’t it?

7// Peanut Butter Slices — Here’s a game changer. The only problem with this one is not being able to lick the spoon.

8// Komforte Chocolates — Perfect if you’re craving ramen noodles and chocolate.

9// Beer and Pretzel Marshmallows – A treat that settles the sweet v. salty and cruchy v. chewy debates.

10// Bleeding Heart Cakes — Scarily realistic, each edible heart cake is baked with a delicious red velvet sponge, cream cheese frosting and blackcurrant & raspberry ‘blood’.


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  1. Seanna Lea Says:

    Even I weren’t a vegetarian, I still wouldn’t eat the meat items. However, I’ve had the Komforte chocolates and they were tasty. I would also eat the pistachio brittle even though it isn’t my favorite (though I love Indian curry and other spices.

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