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Mar.01.11 – [Caffeine Edition]

Posted on 01 March 2011 by Mădălina

Paying homage to my morning motivator: A collection of innovative products, smart articles, coffee brewing techniques, coffee art and more.

// Presso — Energy efficient, and sleek hand press espresso machine.

// Six Ways to Brew Coffee Around the World — From the moka to the sock, here are six different ways to brew your morning pick-me-up.

// Boycott Bold — An article for the hardcore coffee drinkers who want to split hairs over the ‘bold’ debate.

// Perfect Pour — An info-graphic on how to make the perfect cup of coffee by Plaid-creative.

// Coffee in Paris (this ain’t Starbucks) — Diary of a cup of coffee from start to finish.

// Simple Home Coffee Roasting – DIY home coffee roasting tutorial.

// Marilyn Monroe Coffee Collage — Marilyn Monroe photo collage with 1000 cups of Grinders coffee!

// Video: Beautiful short-documentary about coffee production in Kenya. via Vimeo by Stumptown Coffee Roasters

* Post image (coffee beans) is the beautiful work of


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  1. Dr. Acula Says:

    Thanks for the awesome info. I couldn’t operate without coffee. Love the blog.

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