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Lazy Sunday Readings

Posted on 09 January 2011 by Mădălina

Catch up on your culinary news with these compelling articles from the Atlantic. Some oldies, but they are articles that are relavent and thought provoking. Enjoy.

When a Chef Can’t Taste His Food – Chef Grant Achatz recalls his experience of losing the sense of taste while undergoing treatment for stage four tongue cancer.

Does Culinary School Matter? – Credentials over experience, tough call.

In Madrid, Defending Molecular Gastronomy –  Science and food go hand in hand; yet too often requires defending.

‘We Are Told to Call It Chicken” – Addressing the quality of airline food.

Sweet Memories: How Jelly Belly Invents Flavors – Veronique Greenwood writes about the business of building flavors

Swallowed by Coke – Tale of fair trade tea company being bought by bevy giant

Lessons Learned as New York Food Critic – Q&A with NY Times food critic, Frank Bruni.

Eureka Moments: Where Culinary Inspiration Comes From – The pastry chef of Le Bernardin offers a guide to discovering insight in the kitchen—whether in haute cuisine or a baked potato


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