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Candy “Apple” Donuts …oh yeah, and I’m giving away an iPod.

Posted on 12 October 2010 by Mădălina

This is my little twist on plain ol’ boring a.) donut holes (TimBits to us Canadians) and b.) candy apples.

I’m pretty confident that this recipe should belong on This Is Why You’re Fat, but you should know by now that I preach moderation.

A small little side note: Duh-licious turns the big 2 this week, so for our birthday, we’re gifting you. It’s literally the smallest prize I’ve ever given away, but doubles as one of the sweetest. For a chance at winning an iPod nano (6g), leave a comment– thats it. Not too shabby right? The only catch is that you have to leave your contact information, so I know how to contact the winner.

Contest closes on Friday, October 22nd at midnight. A winner will be chosen at random. [CLOSED]

Candy ‘Apple’ Donuts:

Ingredients: (recipe covers ~ 25)

- donut holes, we call ‘em TimBits on this side of the border, recipe from scratch below

- candy sticks (as many as you have donut holes)

-  2 cups Redpath white sugar

- ¾ cup water

- ¼ tsp cinnamon (optional)

- ¼ tsp red food coloring (optional)

- candy toppings (optional)

- parchment paper, candy thermometer, and a sauce pan.

- cold water bath ( large bowl + cool water); used to dunk your pot, too stop sugar from continuing to heat.

1. Heat and stir sugar and water in a saucepan until sugar has dissolved. Boil until the syrup reaches 300 degrees on a candy thermometer.

2. Remove right away from the stove, stir in cinnamon and food coloring (if using), and quickly (but carefully) dip the bottom of your pan into the cold-water bath.

This step is literally for a second; you just want to prevent the sugar from continuing to heat up. You’ll hear a fizzle and might see a little bit of steam—but don’t leave it longer than a second, or else your sugar will cool too much, and you’ll have instant caramel and won’t be able to dip your donut holes. Once you do that, place your pot down on a heatproof surface.

3. I find it easier to dip the sticks in the sugar first, and then into the center of your donut; it adheres the two together better.  Once you’ve done this, dip the donut holes completely in the syrup and swirl it around a little with the stick to coat. Hold the donut above the saucepan to drain off excess. If you want, dip the donut in candy toppings, and place on parchment paper.

4. Repeat with remaining donuts. If syrup thickens or cools too much, simply reheat briefly before proceeding. Let cool completely before serving.

Wanna know my favorite topping out of the bunch? You might cringe… but… its… crushed up salted potato chips. YUCK right? – wrong; well at least I think so. It adds crunch, and salty-ness, which I think make an interesting pairing (think sea salt caramels).

Apple Donut Holes
Ingredients (makes ~ 20 regular size donuts, or 60 donut holes)

- 2 ½ cups all-purpose flour

- 1 ½ teaspoons baking powder

- 1 teaspoon baking soda

- ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

- ½ cup sugar

- 3 tablespoons butter, softened

- 1 egg, beaten

- ¼ cup apple cider or ¼ cup apple juice

- ¼ cup milk

- 1 tablespoon vanilla extract

- 1 medium apple, peeled and finely grated.

oil (for deep frying)

1. In a large bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and cinnamon and set aside. In a small bowl, cream together the sugar and butter until light and fluffy, and add the egg.

2. Add the apple juice, milk, and vanilla to the creamed mixture, and mix until incorporated.

3. Add wet ingredients and apple to dry ingredients and stir until smooth. Cover and chill the dough for 1 hour.

4. Place half the dough on a floured board; knead lightly, and roll out to approximately 3/8-inch thick.

5. Cut with a floured 1 inch round cutter, or use the round edge of a shot glass—it does the trick.

6. Heat the oil to 375°F in a pan or skillet; fry the dough for 1 minute on each side, until golden and drain on paper towel to rid excess oil.

7. When cool, you can follow the instructions above for candy apple donuts.

I won’t tell anyone if you use store bought donuts, they do the trick just fine… It’ll be our little secret.


Woohoo. Congrats to lucky number 46, Donna, who is generously giving her iPod to her daughter. :)


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  1. Cookin' Canuck Says:

    Congratulations on the second anniversary of your beautiful blog! These candy apple donuts look insanely good. What a fun Halloween treat.

    cookincanuck (at) comcast (dot) net

  2. Ashley Says:

    I’ve made something similar using cheesecake – cheesecake lollipops as I call them – and my friends LOVED them, cause really? who doesn’t love food on a stick ;-)

    Great idea!

  3. Andrew Says:

    These look amazing, I am still full from thanksgiving though.

  4. Angie Says:

    These look awesome! I might have to make them for my daughter’s party in a couple weeks. Thanks

  5. Brie Says:

    congrats on your two year anniversary! and potato chips are an awesome partner for sweets – i roll my cookie dough in them! best wishes for another amazing year!

  6. Robert Says:

    I would love to win the iPod! Would come in handy at the gym after eating all the yummy desserts ;)

    Congrats on your 2 year anniversary. Love the blog!

  7. Jeanne Says:

    Potato chips sure would be an interesting topping, I’d love to try one! These treats look incredibly tasty!

  8. Brock Says:

    this totally sounds like something that would be at the ex next year! They look awesome and i just KNOW that they’d fit into my strict diet!

  9. Tina Chen Says:

    Oh my gosh, those look absolutely delish compared to dining hall dessert in college
    How I miss home baking

  10. Tanja Richards Says:

    I love the wholes and then you add all that great stuff including the potato chips I’M with you Maddy sort of reminds me of salty pretzels dipped in chocolate:)

  11. Jessica Says:

    this is a must try recipe…potato chips?wow,who thought?congratulations!

  12. Joel Says:

    I want this. I need this. Right now.

  13. aviva Says:

    LOVE those. look delicious. The ipod looks pretty delicious too!

  14. Lindsay Says:

    What a fantastic idea! These look so delicious!

  15. Denine Gorniak Says:

    This is a must do, must share, must to have idea! So funny too, this idea just came up yesterday with a friend who is laboring to make cake pops for her child’s birthday. Your idea is so much easier to do! Thanks and btw, AWESOME Photography. Definitely “using” your ideas and style to influence my work. D. Gorniak – Philadelphia, PA

  16. Mark Doyle Says:

    I am on my way to Dunkin’ Donuts to pick up a large box of Munchkins. I plan on trying to add some cayenne pepper to a few.

  17. Shannon abdollmohammadi Says:

    What a great idea! Love it!

  18. Andrea@High/Low Says:

    As a Canadian living in NYC, I love seeing mentions of my beloved TimBits! Happy 2nd Blogiversary!!


  19. Evan @swEEts Says:

    Too cute! I love it.. I’m making donuts this weekend and I keep changing my mind on what to make with all these new recipes I keep finding!

  20. Adelina Says:

    What a cute idea. Thanks for sharing!

  21. A in NL Says:

    That looks tasty, but I don’t know if I dare. When I make donuts, I tend to want to eat them all.

  22. Holly Egner Says:

    These look adorable and Delish! :)

  23. Michelle Says:

    These are so adorable. I cannot wait to try to make them!

  24. Michelle Says:

    These look so cute! I cannot wait to try make them.

  25. Laura Says:

    Corn syrup and red dye…what’s not to like?

  26. StacyQ Says:

    These candy “apples” look wonderful! And they seem SO MUCH easier to eat than those teeth-and-dental-work-threatening cousins of theirs.

  27. Jessica Mary O'Brien Says:

    Congrats Maddy! LOVE THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Elaine Says:

    These look amazing. I am definately going to try them!

  29. dawnn Says:


  30. mary Says:

    If it’s possible to improve on a Timbit, you have succeeded! What a tiny treasure of a treat.

  31. Crystal Says:

    So sweet!!! Literally. I am getting married on Halloween and I may just have to make these for my guests. So yummu

  32. Lorraine Says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog! Maybe Lamarche can work this into the recipe book? haha if only. Love it!

  33. Ashley P Says:

    Instead of potato chips, I’m trying apple chips. I’ve never been a big potato chip fan, but I love the idea of adding a crunchy texture… I bet it will be great! :)

  34. gmd Says:


  35. Jordan Says:

    I love the new look of your website

  36. Rachèle @ a.k.a. jolie Says:

    What a great idea! I love the shout out to Tim’s Horton’s too, spoken like a true Canadian.

    I’m featuring this recipe on my Friday Favourties feature this week! Feel free to check it out!

    I just discovered this blog in the past week, and I love it!


  37. Mary @ stylefyles Says:

    I’m not surprised at all the chips taste good with the donut holes….good old salty and sweet, ‘eh?

    These look awesome!!!! Great work!

  38. Maria Says:

    Love these! So fun!

  39. Gillian Says:

    These look amazing!! I need to try them now.

  40. Gwyn Says:

    These would be great for a Halloween party. Awesome!!

  41. Grigory Says:

    Wow, this recipe makes me want to resume my cooking experiments. :) )

  42. Rita A Says:

    What a fun idea. They look awesome!

  43. Erin Says:


    I love your blog! You are an amazing chef and are truly talented! :) I miss our days in Sociology but hope you are having a fab time at culinary school! :)


  44. Gillian MacDonald Says:

    First: your recipes look delicious and dangerous for a girl who’s just getting back in the work-out saddle
    Second: Yay Canada!! Finally, a baking blogger who’s from the north side of the border!!

  45. Karen Says:

    I found you on cake wrecks and so glad I did!! Everything looks sooo good!! Thanks for the candy apple donuts…I’m bringing them to a Hallowine (yes, HalloWINE) Party!

  46. Donna Says:

    very cool! My daughter really wants one of these, so it would go directly to her. *crosses fingers*

  47. Margaret Says:

    If I was to make these though I’d work with premade plain timbits from Timmies as I am wary about frying things (and setting house on fire).
    Wonder what crushed halapeno nacho chips would be like….hhhmmmm


  48. Kellen Says:

    Looks delicious. One bite candy apples… mmm-mmmmmm!

    Congrats and well done! Can’t wait to try the recipe out!

  49. Debi Says:

    Winning the nano would be cool, but this snack idea is awesome! Already have the coolest xmas ideas. Kudos!!

  50. Daisy Says:

    OMG I’m running to the store right now to get al of the ingredients , it just looks to die for ^^

  51. Eva Says:

    Wow. Nuff ok not really. I think these would be great at my sons carnival themed birthday party. Alongside the honey cornbread battered corn dogs and the home made caramel corn. evaq24@gmail

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  56. Kathy Duncàn Says:

    Can’t wait to try these

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