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Sweet Talk: Interview with Cupcakes and Sundry

Posted on 12 August 2010 by Mădălina

For the second installment of sweet talk, I sat down with cupcake maker Stephanie; the owner and mastermind behind Cupcakes and Sundry.
I have this theory that all bakers have an innate predisposition to be nice, down to earth people– so far, I’m three for three.

Stephanie was definitely no exception to my theory. For two people who have never met before, I felt like we were long time friends. Albeit, I was a little nervous at first, once we started talking, we found a common ground in our passion for baked goods.

Here’s how the interview went:

[Madalina] What made you start a cupcakery?

[Stephanie] I started baking for my work colleagues, friends and family. From there, it was a combination of positive feedback on my baked goods, and knowing that there were no other cupcakeries in Mississauga– this pushed me to start my business.

[M] I’ve heard that by day, you’re a teacher. Does this ever interfere with your alter ego?

[S] I think my alter ego and I are at a crossroad. I need to decide whether I want to be a teacher, or whether I want to pursue baking full time. This decision isn’t easy because the journey to becoming a teacher was long and tedious, and it’s always tough leaving a sure career for something more risky. At the same time, being a full-time teacher doesn’t allow me to fully dive into the baking business.

[M] How do you juggle the two?

[S] Outside of working, making cupcakes and spending time with my boyfriend, I don’t really do much else. It was a lot tougher at first, but I love it so much that I’ve managed to find time for it. I love it so much, that its quite easy for me to blog and keep up with the business.

[M] What is your favorite flavor?

[S] Do I have to pick one? In the summer my favorite flavor is angel food cake with strawberry frosting. Its one of those desserts that when you take a bite, and everything just melts in your mouth. In the winter, I love the peanut butter colossal brownie, with peanut butter chips and peanut butter ice cream.

[M] How did you come up with the name of your shop?

[S] I was flipping through the dictionary, and I came across ‘sundry’, which is an old English word that describes a variety or an assortment of things… sort of like the fixings. I thought it would best describe what I wanted to get across—cupcakes and everything else.

[M] What’s next for Cupcakes and Sundry?

[S] The focus right now is to get my name out there, and expanding my business ventures. I just teamed up with a PR company, and I’m designing custom logo cookies for companies and events. Hopefully this will expand to something more. I also started Goodie’s Gourmet Soaps– a handmade soap company that makes dessert looking soaps.

To find out more about Cupcakes and Sundry, visit her website at: … and check Goodie’s Gourmet Soaps here: … and check out Stephanie’s Flickr photo stream; you can find her amazing photos, including the ones posted here:


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  1. Nadine Says:

    Great interview! And I like that all bakers are nice and sweet. It makes sense!

  2. Jessica Says:

    I subscribe, it is a great interview. All bakers are sweet but not as sweet as you!:-)

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