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Homemade Sliders and Svedka Vodka

Posted on 26 July 2010 by Mădălina

I’ve been feeling a little melancholic over the past couple of weeks. Do you ever feel like time is going by wayyyy to fast? I have way too much work to do, and time isn’t on my side– It really sucks playing catch-up.

My to-do list is getting longer, and nothing that is on it is getting done (and since this is my blog, I’ll allow myself to vent). Not only is my personal time being stretched thin, but I feel like I’m letting my readers down by not posting on a regular basis… bloggers guilt as I call it.

A couple of weeks ago, I got invited to a Svedka Vodka launch party. A little party in Parkdale, at Parts and Labour. The food was fantastic, and the custom “R-U-Bot?” Svedka cocktails paired quite nicely– though, after a few vodka martinis, everything starts to pair nice

I brought along my partner in crime, Cat. One thing is for sure, if you see us together, the night will be everything but normal. We made good friends with the bartender– which, is also known as the golden rule of any night out. You can be sure that if you are on good terms with the person making your drinks, you’ll have a good night.

On the whole, Svedka vodka is worth the buy. It compares to a premium vodka, and it doesn’t hurt your wallet… and yes, thats my nice way of saying its cheap. Although the vodka was great, it took a backseat to the fantastic food that was served by P&L. Without shame, Cat and I parked ourselves right near the kitchen entrance. We made sure that the server came to us first. On the menu were bite size roast beef dinners, lime and jalapeno popcorn, watermellon gaspacho, and sliders. OH THE SLIDERS… I can’t get their mini sliders out my head. They were cooked to a medium, and they were juicy and FANTASTIC.

Okay.. onto todays recipe. Yep, you guessed it, sliders. Kept it simple, and used basic seasonings. If you use quality beef cuts, you can cook your burgers to medium.

Homemade Sliders

- 1lb of ground sirloin
- 1 half of an onion, diced
- 1 egg, lightly beaten
- 1 tbsp Italian bread crumbs
- 1/2 tbsp fresh ground pepper
- 1/2 tbsp salt
- 1 teaspoon worcestershire sauce
- 1 teaspoon soy sauce
- parchment paper

- wash your hands in between each step -

1. In a large bowl, gently combine all the ingredients together. Use your hands, you can’t be afraid to get ‘em dirty.

2. Cut 4″ parchment squares. This helps us press our burgers, and make sure they don’t stick to one another.

3. Using your hands, roll out 2″ meat-balls from the burger mixture made earlier.

4. Using a plate, press the meat-ball between two pieces of parchment paper to flatten the meatball evenly.

5. If using a skillet, turn the heat to medium under the skillet and add a tiny amount of oil. When the skillet is hot, add the burgers, pushing them flat with a spatula. Cook for about 3 minutes each side for medium rare, longer for well done and less for rare. If BBQ-ing, pre-heat your BBQ before hand, and cook burgers for about 1.5 minutes on each side

6. Serve, and enjoy.

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  1. Jessica Says:

    so nice of you to think about your be honest, i come here every day to see your postings.i love your blog, your pics, your recepes.cheers with a glass of Svedka Vodka!

  2. Nadine Says:

    I totally feel you on the time going by way too fast.

    Hope you're able to get your to-do list done quickly!

  3. tusa anuta Says:

    din toate ingredientele, noi avem doar porumbul fiert. te pupa tusa

  4. Kathryn Says:

    That burger looks amazing! You should submit the recipe to the Recipe4Living Juiciest Burger Contest here!

  5. Adventures of Amy Says:

    these sliders look mouthwatering. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Jerald Sparkes Says:

    Thanks so much for this. This might sound a little strange, but I spent the first few years of my life in Naples, then travelled all over the world. Now I’m living in New Zealand, with my Chinese wife, and son we had whilst living inJapan! Truly internationalized, eh? Anyway, I’ve been trying to rediscover the smells and tastes of my youth with some authentic Italian recipes like these, best I’ve found so far! Thanks again, I’ll see if I can add the feed to my google reader tonight, though my son usually does that for me!

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