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We have a winner… well.. winners!

Posted on 29 July 2010

EDIT: It was brought to my attention that two of the winners from the randomized list entered the contest after the deadline. To be honest, I didn’t even bother to check (silly me). Continue Reading

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Homemade Sliders and Svedka Vodka

Posted on 26 July 2010

I’ve been feeling a little melancholic over the past couple of weeks. Do you ever feel like time is going by wayyyy to fast? I have way too much work to do, and time isn’t on my side– It really sucks playing catch-up. Continue Reading

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Berry Banana Oatmeal Muffins

Posted on 21 July 2010

I always buy a ton of fruit when I go grocery shopping. I always have this grand idea that one day I’ll start eating a lot healthier than I currently do. Without fail, by the the end of the week, the fruit starts to look sub-par, and once again, I start feeling a little guilty. Continue Reading

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Bender (the robot) Cupcake Toppers

Posted on 12 July 2010

Is anyone else excited that Futurama is back? I AM– hence the effort I put into making these Futurama theme cupcakes. Continue Reading

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Parmesan cups make for simple canapes

Posted on 01 July 2010

Parmesan bowls can be used as a vessel for a variety of dips or small salads, and served as appetizers for your guests. No word of a lie, this will probably be the easiest recipe I will ever post. Continue Reading

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