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Chocolate Marilyn Monroe- Warhol Inspired

Posted on 15 March 2010 by Mădălina

I love to do two things when I am procrastinating: watch movies, and bake.

Knowing I am an art buff, my roommate recommended I watch Factory Girl. Factory Girl is a biopic of Edie Sedgwick, whose fame came from being famous – strange concept right? Her story is rather tragic, but brings to light some of Warhol’s work. Arguably, one of Warhol’s most famous works is Marilyn Diptych, and unless you live in a vacuum, I’m confident you recognize it … I hope I don’t have to bite my tongue on that statement.

I channeled my inner Andy Warhol, and I took one of the world’s most famous icons, and chocolatified her—and in the process, I apparently also invented a new adjective.

I call this one CANDY Warhol. I love the softened look that the melted chocolate gave the pictures, it wasn’t intentional, but I think it works. I also have to figure out how to get cleaner edges, back to the drawing board I guess; ah yes, delicious, delicious chocolate drawing board..mmmMmm.

Chocolate ‘painting’ is rather simple, but requires some knowledge on chocolate tempering, a steady hand, and patience.

Ingredients and Supplies:
- White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate; *if you want to have a colored design, see note below
- Your design printed– make to use a photo editing program to reverse the image… this is especially important if you are tracing text, if not, you’ll have the mirrored image.
- Piping bags, or
parchment triangles
- Acetate sheets (also known as transparencies), or parchment paper. I prefer to use acetate sheets, because I find it gives the chocolate a glossy finish
- Tape

**Note that if you want to tint white chocolate, NEVER use water-based colors, such as food coloring. Water is chocolate’s enemy, and you’ll have a big mess on your hands. Instead, use food coloring powders, colored candy melts, or oil-based edible dyes.


1. Using a photo-editing software, print off the mirror-image of your picture. There are a few free, online programs as well

2. Securely tape your image to a hard, smooth surface. Place acetate sheet over image, and tape in place.

Melt your chocolate, and using a piping bag or parchment triangle starting with the dark colors first to outline your image, and adding detail as you go along. You want to work backwards, so any ‘filling’, or background colors should be done last (think layering).

Allow this too cool, and continue building on your painting with lighter colors. Make sure you fully allow your ‘painting’ to set, before you flip it over to peel back the acetate.

Edible art, my new favorite.

There is a wonderful tutorial here for chocolate painting, and a great site for culinary inspiration


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  1. cookies and cups Says:

    WOWWY! That is crazy cool! Did you eat them? I don't know if I could bring myself to!

  2. Jojo Says:

    That looks awesome! Using the brush creates some extra effects. I'm glad you liked the tutorial.

  3. Valeria Says:

    You are soo creative, i've been following you for a while and i love everything you do!

  4. Jessica Says:

    Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!Did I mention that this is awesome?
    You are the greatest ever!

  5. mădălina Says:

    Cookies and cups — hasn't been eaten yet… I kind of want to keep it, because it looks a lot more impressive in person than in the pictures!

    JoJo – I loved the tutorial, and you have such an amazing site!!! (<– everyone, go check out her work!)

    Valeria– THANK YOU, it really means a lot when I hear back positive feedback from everyone (its what keeps this little site going)

    Jessica — THANK YOU for the praise, but I really should be thanking my viewers; you guys make this possible:)

  6. miVi3k Says:

    This is beyond amazing! I too am an art fiend (kind of a reason why I enjoy baking and decorating so much). LOVE THIS!

  7. Ali Says:

    Utterly badass.

  8. NaveenAli Says:

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  22. dafmatok Says:

    Not only do you get Marilyn Monroe, you get to bite of her head :)

  23. eyal Says:

    cool post, thanks!
    Marilyn Monroe looks kinda tasty

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