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The Mona Lisa Sandwich [Book Review: Two Dishes]

Posted on 25 January 2010

I am in love with the idea of this cookbook, mostly because it is something I see my mom and I doing. Linda and Devin are a mother-daughter team who are the masterminds behind Two Dishes. Continue Reading

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What’s for lunch? — Lunch in under 500 calories

Posted on 18 January 2010

When I am trying to eat light, the hardest thing to find are meals that carry a lot of flavor, and are fulfilling at the same time. This might just look like boring chicken on salad, but I can guarantee you it packs flavor. Continue Reading

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Quick Stir-fry, two ways

Posted on 11 January 2010

My “unofficial” New Years resolution was to hop on the healthy bandwagon… unofficial because I usually fall off of it by now. Continue Reading

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Beignets Fail

Posted on 07 January 2010

So remember what I said earlier about following recipes to a TEE and ending up with a culinary disaster? This is one of those posts. Continue Reading

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Thai Curry Shrimp- Lucy Waverman Style

Posted on 05 January 2010

I used to watch Lucy Waverman on CityLine as a child. I think I must have been CityLine’s youngest viewer—I mean, what other 11 year old runs home from school to catch the last half hour of the show. Continue Reading

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