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Apple Fritters

Posted on 28 May 2009 by Mădălina

So I suppose the old saying doesn’t include apple fritters to keep doctors away, but I feel less guilty eating these (after all, it is a fruit serving). These fritters look like donuts, and taste a little CINN-ful :)

Apple Fritters
- 2 cups all-purpose flour
- 1/3 cup white sugar
- 1 tablespoon baking powder
- 1 teaspoon cinnamon
- 1 teaspoon salt
- 2 eggs
- 1 cup milk
- 2 quarts oil for deep frying
- 4 large apples, peeled and cored
- 1/2 cup sugar + 1 teaspoon of cinnamon for dusting


1. Heat oil to 190′ C (in a deep fryer or heavy bottomed deep).

2. Sift dry ingredients in a large bowl and set aside.

3. Whisk together eggs and milk, and slowly combine dry ingredients. Mix until well blended.

4. Slice the apples about 1/4″ thin and dip in batter.

5. Fry a few at a time, turning once, until golden.

6. Drain on paper towels and roll in sugar and cinnamon while still warm.

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  1. Tonya @ What's On My Plate Says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the chocolate chips! I’m in Toronto so Loblaws is so on my radar. I will definitely bring the dinner because your desserts sound AMAZING. I’m all over the apple fritters.

  2. Kath Lockett Says:

    Oh dear, I think I’m most definitely going to get my arse kicked via Battle of the Blogs. Your photos and recipes are making my mouth water!

  3. Green Says:

    The apple fritters look so amazing yummy.

    Thank you for sharing your recipe.

    see you next post.


  4. Danielle Says:

    Oh wow! These look unreal! I was actually just saying to my family that we MUST make apple fritters soon!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    These look very yummy
    gonna have to try em out now
    mouth is salvating
    thanks for the great idea!

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