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Apple Fritters

Posted on 28 May 2009

So I suppose the old saying doesn’t include apple fritters to keep doctors away, but I feel less guilty eating these (after all, it is a fruit serving). These fritters look like donuts, and taste a little CINN-ful Continue Reading

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Marshmallow Fondant; Fun-dant

Posted on 18 May 2009

Happy Victoria Day weekend to my Canadian readers:) I hope that all of you have the day off tomorrow (I don’t; but I’ll get over it). If you have nothing to do and want to have an afternoon of delicious fun, get your hands on some cupcakes and have fun decorating them with marshmallow fondant. Continue Reading

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White Chocolate Brownies

Posted on 06 May 2009

If you ever want to impress someone, these brownies will do the trick. Not only does it welcome your guest with a sweet sweet aroma, they make your taste buds dance. Continue Reading

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Entertaining with Bombay Sapphire

Posted on 05 May 2009

I had a phenomenal time at the Bombay Sapphire cocktail party tonight. I was surrounded by some pretty great people, fantastic food, and amazing cocktails all at a swanky venue–a foodie’s paradise. Continue Reading

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