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Peeling Pomegranates

Posted on 25 October 2008 by Mădălina

It’s that time of year when all the pomegranates, cranberries, yams, and pumpkins start appearing in super markets! A lot of people are intimidated by the pomegranate, as they require quite a bit of work, I can’t blame them!! In lieu of this, I wanted to share the art of POM peeling.

*Word of the wise is to have plenty of paper towels on hand

Supplies and Ingredients

•      Start off with a nice ripe pomegranate. I usually decide by the good ol’squeeze test; essentially you want a slightly firm pom that is bright red.
•      Sharp Knife
•      Cutting Board
•      Plenty of paper towels
•      A bowl filled with room temperature water

1. Place the pom on the cutting board, cut around the pomegranate (ONLY cut about 1/8″ inch into the pom.)

2. Peel back the skin, and separate into two halves

3. Use your fingers to gently seperate the seeds from the core. You may find it easier to dip the pom into the bowl with warm water.

4. Once you have all your seeds in the bowl of warm water; you will see that any remaining white membrane floats to the top, and pick them out. Strain the remaining seeds and VOILA! :)

I prefer to eat pomegranates as a snack, or even in salads. They have so many health benefits (protecting against cardiovascular diseases, certain cancers, chronic diseases, etc..) that I encourage everyone to go out and enjoy this fruit while its in season.

Happy Eating!


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  1. Marsha Says:

    An easy way to remove the pomegranate seeds is to cut the pomegranate in half and tip it cut side down over a bowl and tap the top with a wooden spoon. The seeds will just pop out.

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